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Who are we ?

The type of business category we fall under is“ Business Consultancy”, and to many this comes with a thought of large cost and perhaps something that only the larger companies can afford to use .

We pride ourselves in our approach as  consultants being available to all size    businesses and we offer services that are completely flexible and tailored to the needs of an individual business  but always with key focus of affordability to all our Clients.

If you were to ask yourself……

Would you like your company to be able to join approved lists of contractors but not sure how to go about it ?

Is your business structured robustly enough to cope with the ever increasing demand for change?

Do you have aspirations for business growth?

By working with us we can enable you to truly understand your key business drivers and challenges you face, from these we will be able to help you plan and identify areas of potential improvement either in service or your employees.

To succeed on this journey you will need a clear set of goals and objectives from which a robust action plan will need to be formulated.

 Once implemented you will have better visibility and control over your business.

Why use our Services ?

We have been working in The Care sector and many other sectors throughout our careers and recognise any business can develop and grow with a little help and guidance. However, at times it feels hard enough delivering the  demands of the day job, let alone the thought of  having a    review of your  business  which could lead to change or business growth.

This is where we can assist, with over 25 years’ experience at senior management level we have gained the knowledge and skills to be able to listen, understand and help any business develop.


Developing your business

Do you need help on how to start a business? or are a small business tackling everything that needs doing single handed, that may benefit from business management consultants or a larger business with consultancy needs?

 Services we offer

  • Business Health Checks


  • Complete Business Management Solutions

  • Business Development ( including support with PQQ’s)

  • Financial and Commercial Management

  • Risk Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Training and Development

For more details which explain each of the services further, to enable you to find the help and guidance you could benefit from please view our website :

Please remember our services do not come with  huge cost but if used will bring huge benefits to you and your business.


In Summary


Our business model has been developed with  affordability in mind as we appreciate many businesses will need to evaluate the true   return on investment should they engage any  consultants.

We would like to offer you the chance to book your  initial consultation meeting to explore any potential requirements and receive our initial  report and  recommendations free of charge.

From this free report you will then have the insight  which will enable you to consider and identify any areas within your company you would benefit from engaging our services.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, for any business needs please contact us as detailed below.


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